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About Us

Every Child, Inc. was founded in 1997 with the belief that all children, no matter their age, race, disability, or special health care need, deserve the opportunity to grow up with a loving and lasting family. Initially focused on providing care and support for foster children with significant medical needs, Every Child has broadened our services to provide foster care and adoption services, as well as clinical and therapeutic care to children and families across Southwestern Pennsylvania.


Every Child’s mission is to build a stronger community and empower families by providing family support and clinical services.

Our Mission
Our Core Values


Through education, advocacy, compassion, and support, we empower those we serve to improve their lives.


Together we are more effective and make a bigger impact. Shared goals and mutual support, with each other, those we serve, and our community partners, lead to greater success.


We respect and seek inclusion of differences in individuals and ideas, understanding that we can learn from each other.


We are committed to holding ourselves and each other accountable for doing what’s right, going beyond what is expected for those we serve, and embracing best practices in all of our services.


We endeavor to be the provider of choice through the efficient use of resources and building upon Every Child’s strengths to maximize our community impact.

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