• Every Child, Inc.

Highlands Elementary

Did you hear about The Clubhouse, our Community School Based Behavioral Health program at Highlands Elementary?

Community and School Based Behavioral Health (CSBBH) services are voluntary mental health services for children and youth (up to age 21). These services help children and youth who have a serious emotional or behavioral problem that affects how they function at school, at home, or in the community. The goal is to teach the student new ways to better manage their feelings and behaviors. Every Child provides this service at Highlands Elementary school in Tarentum, PA. which is a part of the Highlands School District. Students in our program will be able to participate either virtually or in-person. We work with the school and family to support in all settings, including school, home, and community. Our team checks in each day the student attends school to plan what supports are needed for the day. Each student in our program will be offered individual sessions and be invited to participate in group sessions. The team at Highlands is lead by Clinical Director, Kristi Petrak, LPC, MA, NCC.

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