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Every Child stands with transgender youth and families

Every Child unequivocally stands with transgender youth and families in Texas and here at home.

We are outraged and alarmed by Texas Governor Abbott’s hate-fueled rhetoric equating gender-affirming care with child abuse – nothing could be further from the truth. The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Psychiatric Association, and the American Psychological Association all agree that gender-affirming care saves lives and reduces mental health disparities among LGBTQ youth. To assert otherwise is an unconscionable and dangerous attack against vulnerable children and youth, promotes misinformation about trans identity, and ignores expert advice. It is wrong and must not be tolerated in Texas or anywhere.

Every Child believes that all children and families deserve access to cultural and gender-affirming services and those families and healthcare providers protecting that access are to be celebrated, not criminalized.

We have compiled a few resources for those who want to support trans youth.

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