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Spark Pittsburgh Step Challenge

Every Child has decided to participate in the SparkPittsburgh Company Step Challenge again this year, which is an interactive step challenge designed to help move companies towards better health. We will be competing against others to prove we are one of the healthiest and most active companies in Western Pennsylvania! We are encouraging all of our employees to participate in the challenge! The Step Challenge and Leaderboards go live on September 1st and are active through October 15th! Along with competing against other organizations, our steps will contribute to Pittsburgh's overall step count to help make a difference in the health and vitality of the city!

Last year we finished strong and at the last minute went from 9th place to 5th place with over 10 million steps! We are running, walking, and biking to the finish line this year with hopes to do even better! Cheer us on and check out the challenge at

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