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Steps to Become a Foster Parent

Have you ever thought about becoming a foster parent? In order to become a Every Child foster parent, follow the steps below!

1. Contact us The first step is to contact Every Child Inc at 412.665.0600 or through our website. We will answer your questions and set an appointment to meet you and discuss becoming a foster parent with Every Child. 2. Interest meeting We want to get know you and your family. This is your chance to ask all your questions. 3. Turn in your application. Once you have decided that Every Child is right for you, contact us and make arrangements to turn in your application. After it is received, you will be assigned a case worker. 4. Meet your case worker. Your case worker will serve as your personal guide through the foster care certification process and be part of your foster parent support system. Your case worker will come to your home for the first visit to do a few things: a home walk through, have you sign lots of paper-work, and give you materials to start your journey. They will also sign you up for pre-service training. 5. Start training. Join other prospective foster parents in pre-service training where you will learn about the foster care system and about the children in care. You will also attend CPR and Mandated Re-porter training. 6. Home study. While you are in training, we will visit your home two more times to chat with you about your parenting style, your background, and why you want to be a foster parent. We also will collect your assigned paperwork. 7. Gather information. You will be gathering information and forms throughout the home study process. You will need to provide references, physical exams, insurance information, and family information. 8. Finalize assessment. We will meet with you and review the home study, as well as ask any final questions. If approved, you move to the final step. 9. It’s official!

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