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Virtual Foster Parent Information Meeting

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Join us virtually on January 14th at 5:30 PM for Every Child's Virtual Foster Parent Information Meeting!

Change a child's life. Become a foster parent! This information session will discuss our training schedule, the steps it takes to become an Every Child foster parent, and how children enter the foster care system.

RSVP required, please contact us to receive the meeting link

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Jan 05, 2021

Basic child development science/rearing should be learned long before the average person has their first child.

By not teaching this to high school students, is it not as though societally we’re implying that anyone can comfortably enough go forth with unconditionally bearing children with whatever minute amount, if any at all, of such vital knowledge they happen to have acquired over time?

I know I didn't know until I researched this topic for the specifics.

If we’re to proactively avoid the eventual dreadingly invasive conventional reactive means of intervention due to dysfunctional familial situations as a result of flawed rearing—that of the government forced removal of children from the latter environment—we then should be willing to try an unconventional means…

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